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Leather books

We only use high quality cow, goat, calf and bison leather in a wide range of colors. Furthermore leather is the most durable material. A leather bound book will be your companion for many years.

Best papers

All our papers are acid free and age resistant. That means: no yellowing over years. Our books have been made to last for decades.

Gold Embossing

With historical letters, lines and ornaments we can give your book a unique vintage look and feel. Besides a gold or silver embossing is solid and lasts for a very long time.

Head bands

Head bands are made by hand, stiched with thread in two or more colors. Most modern books do not even have head bands. It's just a small but important detail that makes a book looking noble and complete.

Gilt edge / edge coloring

The first impression counts. And a gilt edge makes a good impression already from afar. It will highlight the character of a book. Also an edge coloring can give your book this special "WOW" effect.

Printing and More

We also make sketchbooks, bullet journals, diaries, guest books, caskets, wallets, slipcases, book safes and a lot more. And if you are an author we will print your work also in small edition.

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome books.

    First we will make a draft. Therefore we'll use photos of the original materials. So you will get a nearly idea of how your book will look like. When you agree to all details we are starting binding your book.

    Just use the contact form to write down how your personal book should look like.


    For the inner book a wide range of high quality papers is available such as marbled, moldmade or handmade paper, all ideal for writing or painting with ink, pencil, pen or felt-tip pen.

    We also offer premade, cheaper inner books. They are made of high quality paper, too, but the range of size and page numbers are limited.


    A leather binding is by far the most classical and noblest form a book. It suits perfectly for doing reliefs, texts and gold embossings.

    But also cloth or buckram are great to make fancy bindings. To make your book uniqie rivets, a monogram, brass elemets and a lot more can be added.


    Your book will be completely handcrafted. From sewing the inner book right up to the workmanship of the leather. On request the headbands will be stitched by hand, too.

    Vintage, Rare & Awesome!

    Have a look behind the scenes and on our latest creations.
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    Meet The Team

    The people behind it and where the magic happens.

    I always was fascinated by the magic of books. It's not just the reading, it's the feeling to hold a whole world in your hand.


    Artistic books are very rare this days, especially leather bound ones. That's why I decide to make them on my own. After the first tries the old craft of bookbinding totally cast a spell over me. The possibilities of creativity are endless and there is always something new to discover and create.

    Casualness, best friend, cat

    The most important member of our team. He is the heart and the soul.

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