Bag book

At the end of the dark ages the bag book was very popular in Europe. You can carry it directly on your belt. Especially monks had their holy scripts always with them. Today, you got your mobile, back then you got a bag book. Only the fewest had the money for it and it showed its carrier was educated and able to read.

360° View…………

High resolution pictures of all variants:

- 9 x 12 cm (3.5 x 4.7 ")
- 4 cm thick (1.5 ")
- Real leather, different colors
- Solid hardcover, 6mm thick
- Elaborately decorated 3D embossing on front, back and spine
- 400 pages, ivory, high quality letterpress, no yellowing
- Cords on spine
- Leather closing with brass button
- Solid thread stitching

This book is handmade from scratch. Cutting the paper, making the inner book and finally binding the book.


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